Metropolitan Institutions

20-21 September 2013: London’s Creative Institutions, 1750-1830 (UCL)

This workshop investigated the connected communities generated by London’s cultural institutions and examine how different stakeholders within them interacted in creative ways. To what extent did this lead to the production of a distinctive metropolitan identity? The workshop also reflected on the continuing influence of these institutions in the twenty-first century city.

Click here for the workshop programme and here for the workshop report.

Audio podcasts of the workshop can be found here:
(to browse the playlist, click the ‘playlist’ icon in the top left hand corner)


Susanna Avery-Quash (National Gallery)

Will Bowers (UCL)

Professor Emma Clery (University of Southampton)

Dr Jane Darcy (UCL)

Dr Gregory Dart (UCL)

Dr Jeremy Davies (University of Leeds)

Professor Elizabeth Fay (University of Massachusetts)

Dr David Higgins (University of Leeds)

Dr Felicity James (University of Leicester)

Professor Robert Morrison (Queen’s University)

Dr Alison Ohta (Royal Asiatic Society)

Laure Philip (University of Warwick)

Christine Riding (National Maritime Museum)

Dr Richard Salmon (University of Leeds)

Dr Matthew Sangster (Royal Holloway, University of London)

Greg Sullivan (Tate Gallery)

Dr Cassie Ulph (University of Leeds)

Matthew Ward (University of St. Andrews)

Professor John Whale (University of Leeds)

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