Dissenters and Evangelicals

5-6 April 2013: Dissenters and Evangelicals (Leeds)

This workshop, in association with the Priestley Society and the Leeds Library, sought to understand the significance of Dissenting communities in fostering creativity, and also examined the under-explored creativity of other faith communities in the period, such as Anglicans, Catholics, and Jews.

Videos of the workshop sessions can be found here:
(to browse the playlist, click the ‘playlist’ icon in the top left hand corner)

A report on Saturday’s proceedings is available here.


Naomi Billingsley (University of Manchester)
Rebecca Bowd (University of Leeds)
Professor Stephen Bygrave (University of Southampton)
Professor Emma Clery (University of Southampton)
Dr Jane Darcy (UCL)
Dr Jeremy Davies (University of Leeds)
Geoffrey Forster (The Leeds Library)
Dr David Higgins (University of Leeds)
Dr Felicity James (University of Leicester)
Professor Scott Krawczyk (USMA, West Point)
Professor Jon Mee (University of Warwick)
Joanna Wharton (University of York)
Rachel Webster (University of Leeds)
Dr Tessa Whitehouse (The Dr Williams Centre for Dissenting Studies)
Professor John Whale (University of Leeds)
Professor Les Woodcock (Priestley Society)

Click here for details of the workshop programme.

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